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ICT engineer with a passion for designing reliable and robust systems that connect things together. Has the tendency to keep digging until the root cause of an issue is found and solved under the motto 'first time right'.



  • professional:
    • Backend engineer (2021 - current)

      Improve the backend fuctionalities of a video conferencing systen. Introducing observability and reproducibility. Finding performance gains where possible.

    • DevOps engineer (2019 - 2020)

      Design CI/CD systems and offer internal support for an ML platform running on Kubernetes. Maintain GPU Kubernetes clusters and critical infrastructure.

  • student:
    • System engineer (2019)

      Internship for designing and implementing intrusion detection system based on aggregated logging. Tested and deployed EFK and ELK stacks in a high traffic environment.

    • Assistant theatre technician (2013 - 2017)
      GC De Kluize

      Assist with load in and load out of theatre shows and performances. Board operation with an emphasis on lighting design.

  • volunteering:
    • Team Lead site & safety (2018 - 2019)
      Student Kick-Off

      In charge of the team that is responsible for the build up and break down of the festival terrain. We also provide operational security during the festival and coordinate with city and emergency services to ensure the visitors have a pleasant and safe experience.

      • electricity coordinator - 2017
      • crew lead site & safety - 2016
    • crew member - network (2016 - current)

      Set up and maintain the network of Belgium's largest LAN party. Configuration of switchs and routers. Development of software to improve the observability and management of network components.

    • System administrator (2016 - 2018)
      Team Schnitzel

      Manage and deploy services in a virtualized environment for personal use cases.


  • Programming:
    Go, Python, C and other languages
  • Frameworks:
  • OS:
    Debian, Ubuntu, Nixos
  • Software:
    Unix, Linux networking, Git, containers, Prometheus, Grafana, Ansible, Nginx
  • Languages:
    • Dutch - native
    • English - professional
    • French - intermediate (listening)/novice (written)
    • German - novice


  • Engineering technology: electronics/ICT at Ghent University
    • Msc 2017-2020
      master dissertation: interference detection in sub-GHz networks with machine learning
    • Bsc 2013-2017
      bachelor paper: online with LoRaWAN: development of CO2 sensor with LoRaWAN technology

Free time:

  • Developing open source software
  • Discovering the world and new technologies
  • Connecting people with sensors and software
  • Creating software and experiences
  • Playing games and music
  • Getting lost in books

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